• Mr. Ekramuzzaman at a glance

Mr. Ekramuzzaman at a glance

SAK Ekramuzzaman is the man behind catalyzing a revolution in the ceramics industry in Bangladesh. Just as ceramics manifest itself in an array of delightful patterns, his conglomerate embodies in an array of business ventures – a TV channel to broadcast ideas, a paint company to color life, a real estate venture to provide living space, a sea port outlet to clear goods and a knitwear company to knit colorful dreams. Equipped with the knowledge and skills of ceramics industry gained while working as an RAK Ceramics executive in United Arab Emirates, he realized his lifelong dream to come up with a venture in his own country and brought about a paradigm shift characterizing him as an entrepreneur transforming innovations into success.

With an exploratory mind, he travels around the world to communicate with new people and connect with new ideas. This exploration helped him observe the changes the world has gone through since 1970s. Based on his observations, he suggests that a country can excel only when it has ample employment opportunities to offer. This is the simple philosophy motivating him to open employment windows to his countrymen. Over time, his conglomerate has emerged as one of the most dynamic and diversified ones in the country.