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SAK Ekramuzzaman was born in 1957 in the central east of Bangladesh. The middle child of an aristocratic muslim family in Chaportala village under Nasirnagar Upazila of Brahmanbaria, he was raised with 3 brothers and 4 sisters. His inner calling for entrepreneurship guided his journey from his birth place to the country’s capital and then his flight to the middle-east, where a new chapter of success was waiting to be written.


Instead of aligning his dream around career, Mr. Ekramuzzaman aligned career around his dream. He got enrolled in Dhaka University – the top echelon of education in Bangladesh – only to switch later to a BA Pass Degree but it was from a very young age that he dreamt of entrepreneurship, which he prioritized over academic education.

He was getting close to his dream as he left for UAE in 1983. Initially, he served a government industrial organization where it took him only three years to become a top executive. It is in UAE that he got the idea of ceramics business when he came in contact with Dr. Khater Massad of RAK. This marked the inception of an entrepreneurship and the beginning of a hope for the country he hailed from.

Climbing the ladder of career through passion and dedication, he soon became a successful executive at RAK in UAE. With the knowledge and trust he gained from RAK, he came up with the idea of running a business in Bangladesh in collaboration with them. His dream for entrepreneurship was soon to be a reality. He approached the company chairman of RAK UAE to set off a project in Bangladesh.

During his days in UAE as an RAK executive, SAK Ekramuzzaman gave his heart to his job, earning not just money but the trust of his employer as well. With HH Sheikh Saud, chairman of RAK, he shared his lifelong dream to come up with a venture in Bangladesh, the land where he had been born and brought up. HH Sheikh Saud made him the CEO of RAK Ceramics Bangladesh, investing TK 1500 million in 1998. The path to ceramics industry was thus paved in Bangladesh with a legacy of RAK Bangladesh. There began the journey of his entrepreneurship, which he had valued all the way through. The corporate landscape of Bangladesh was not very welcoming then but he took the challenge to break the status quo and set trends and standards in business.

From then on, he had no way to look back. His business embodied in creativity and diversity the way ceramics appears in delightful patterns. Now he owns a TV channel to broadcast the nation's voice, textile to weave your dream, pharmaceuticals to give you better health, property business to manage your living space and many more. Having started from the scratch three decades ago, he now oversees 15 of the largest companies in the country, ensuring a living for nearly 80,000 people. Aligning his ventures with quality and ethics, he takes the pride of being the highest taxpayer of the country in 2014-2016, the year when Bangladesh was declared to be one of the fastest economies in the world.

He also received the prestigious “Bangladesh Bank Remittance Award” in 2013. As he lives a life in service to others, he mulled over the housing crisis of middle-class people. He arranged housing at prices people in general might afford. His success story opens up a chapter in the book of Bangladesh – the country all set to be the middle-income country by 2021 with an unstoppable economic growth the world is applauding.


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